KOFAMA Kozle S. A.

KOFAMA Kozle S. A.


KOFAMA Kozle S.A. has specialised, for over 50 years now, in production of machines and equipment used in coal, wood as well as chemical industry, environment protection as well as power industry. Additionally, our Company renders welding, machining, locksmith and assembly services.

We offer huge potential (machines, halls, warehouses), which allows manufacturing a wide range of technologically advanced and complex equipment. This way, we can meet constantly increasing requirements and expectations of the Customers.

KOFAMA Kozle S.A. specializes in the production:Equipment for the chemical industry, such as tanks, reactors, etc. flyover. Equipment for the energy industry, such as feeders, conveyors, screens, etc. to biomass. Parts and components of apparatus for cleaning and filtering, such as centrifuges, filter presses, decanters, etc. Machinery and parts for the mining industry such as dishes skips, chutes, vibrating screens, feeders, belt conveyors and bucket elevators, etc. Machinery and parts for woodworking, such as shearing machines, chipping presses. Steel and machine,Components, sub-assemblies and assemblies of machines and equipment according to the documentation executive client.

KOFAMA Kozle S. A.
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PL-47-205  Kedzierzyn-Kozle
+48 77 446 11 40
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KOFAMA has highly qualified managers; it employs quality inspectors licensed to conduct NDT based on second degree VT and PT methods, experienced locksmiths and welders with secondary welding permits according to EN 287-1 standard. Our success, to a large extent, depends on our personnel. Therefore, KOFAMA constantly strives for improvement of qualifications and skills of its employees.
The need to explicitly express the importance of our Customers, as well as delivering products consistent with their requirements and the applicable law, has resulted in implementation of the certified Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Our machining center is characterized by the following parameters:
• CNC Drilling-milling machine (TOS Varnsdorf WHQ 13): max pressure on table 25 T, X = 5 000 mm, Y = 3 000 mm, Z = 1 250 mm
• CNC Drilling-milling machine (Microcut HBM 400): X = 2 000 mm, Y = 2 000 mm, Z = W = 1 600 + 600 mm
• Milling machine FA 40X SPECIAL: X = 600 mm, Y = 420 mm, Z = 520 mm
• Water cutting device BYSTRONIC-WATERJET - cutting parameters 3 000 x 6 000 mm
• CNC rolling mill N = 4, L = 4 000 g = 40
• Facing machine: max facing width 1 600 mm, max facing length 4 000 mm, max element height 1 250 mm
• Planning machine: max length 4 000mm, max width 1 600 mm, max height 1 250 mm
• Screw-cutting lathe: max diameter of turn ? 1 000 mm, max turning length from 4 000 up to 6 500 mm
• Vertical lathe: max diameter of turn ? 2 000 mm, max element height of 1 500 mm
• Slotting machine: min length 50 mm, max length 400 mm, table diameter ? 800 mm
• Cylindrical grinder: max grinding diameter ? 620 mm, max grinding length 4 000 mm
• Internal grinder: max diameter ? from 50 up to 200 mm, max grinding length 200 mm
• Surface grinder: max grinding length 1 000 mm, max grinding width 300 mm
• Vertical grinder: max diameter ? 1 250 mm, max grinding height 500 mm
• Flat-surface grinder: max grinding length 1 000 mm, grinding width 300 mm
• Rotary flat-surface grinder: max grinding diameter ? 1 250 mm, max element height 500 mm
• Circular and bans saws: max diameter of cut ? 400 mm
• Guillotine: max material thickness 13 mm, max cutting length 3 000 mm
• Plasma cutter: max material thickness 40 mm
• Gas cutter: max material thickness from 3 up to 140 mm, cutting width 3 000mm, max length 9 000 mm
• 4-axis bending brake: rated pressure of 250 T, table length 4 100 mm
• Hydraulic press: max pressure 160 T
• Dynamic balancer: weight of the balanced element from 10 up to 3 000 kg, max element diameter ? 1 500 mm


KOFAMA Kozle S. A.
KOFAMA Kozle S. A.
KOFAMA Kozle S. A.

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KOFAMA Kozle S. A.
KOFAMA Kozle S. A.
KOFAMA Kozle S. A.


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Plåtbearbetning-Komplett tillverkning
Plåtbearbetning-Plåtbearbetning 6-15mm
Plåtbearbetning-Rörbockning & Manipulering
Plåtbearbetning-Tunnplåtsbearbetning <6mm
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Kvalitetsäkring-EN 1090
Kvalitetsäkring-ISO 3834
Kvalitetsäkring-ISO 9001


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